Who Is

Mary Lee Vance?

In Short, I’m Your Podcast Cultivator Strategist!

I grew up in a small town, Bakersfield, CA. I grew up in California my whole life. My dad, he was my best friend and passed away when I was 12. He imbedded this saying in my heart….

“Once a task has begun, never leave it until it’s done. Be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all.” 

My Dad imparted wisdom in me at a young age and taught me the value of hard work. After he passed, my mother was a single mother of 2 struggling to make ends meet but somehow finding a way. I thought to myself, I never want to struggle like this, in life, EVER!   

She taught me what true strength looks like. She taught me how to handle difficult situations with grace and she made sure that my brother and I had everything we needed.  I just knew I had to change the generational bloodline to being someone that can be accomplished and set apart, thriving and successful.

Fast Forward To College Life..

In 2011 I met this amazing man, Randy Vance Jr. While in college, we dated for 3 years. (Oh how amazing it was to not have responsibility)

Randy was such a great guy, I knew that I wanted more in a relationship! I wanted marriage! He always proposed this question, “If I don’t want a wife, then what?” I would never have an answer for him.

Well when I graduated in 2014, we got engaged and it only lasted 2 months! I just couldn’t see my life in California for the rest of my life. I broke up with him, and let him know, we just shouldn’t talk anymore.

I then moved away from my entire mother, brother, family and friends and moved all the way across the country to Atlanta, GA!


Life Changed In 2016

After being in Georgia for a year, I went home to visit in December of 2015. That engagement that only lasted two months. Well yes, I ended up going out on date with him and the rest is pretty much history. (You can read all the details in my book, Fleshly Date Or Godly Mate).

In the span of 5 years of being in Georgia, my life has transformed. I became a published Author. I was a radio personality on a Stellar Award radio station. I have one the Fastest-Growing Faith Based Podcasts, Virtue With Vision, I have a faith based apparel line, Virtue With Vision Apparel, and I also have a course that helps other Podcasters have a podcast production in excellence! 

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