About Mary Lee Vance

Mary Lee Vance is on a mission to not only help women recognize the favor they carry, but also understand their value and purpose in the world. 

She thought at the age of 22 that she would get married right away! She dated God’s blocks and Jesus’ stop signs to get the title of being a wife. It wasn’t until she was by myself where God showed her in His Word how valuable she truly was and transformed her thinking. She had past thoughts of men who verbally expressed that I wasn’t attractive or not the right weight, not their type haunt her ability to believe that she was even capable of being a wife. 

God truly had to show her that anything that He brings together is truly something that can’t be torn apart, and even before that He had to teach her how to truly love herself in Him. A lot of women pray for a husband but don’t ask  for God to prepare them for God’s Best!

She wrote the book, Fleshly Date or Godly Mate to help women realize the inactive power on the inside of them. She has spoken at numerous women’s conference’s helping women discover what being more precious than rubies are all about!

She then became an advocate to help both men and women strive for God’s best on the Fastest-growing Faith based podcast, Virtue With Vision, where she discusses relationships, goals, life and a whole lot of Jesus!

She is relatable and down to earth as a leader in the women’s community! She strives to raise the standard of the authenticity of God’s love in the earth! 

Mary enjoys spending time with her husband, and serving at her local church!

Media Contact: To request an interview with Mary Lee Vance, please contact pr@maryleevance.com


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Mary Lee Vance is a professional motivational speaker who helps single women find their identity in Christ by reinforcing self esteem, setting goals, and setting focus to be the wife they are praying to be!

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