What I Do

Purposeful Podcasting

Establish the purpose of your podcast by finding out what burdens your heart? You may have a commedy Podcast because you like to laugh, or an informative Podcast because you want to give tips and tools to help people thrive! I help you feel confident in your purpose and create your tag line!



I will give you the details in what equipment I use for my podcast! All of the links to help you get started so you’re not hung up on what is the best mic, or how to edit, what headphones, what platform do I use? I will be able to put all of those dire questions to rest because I will provide you the resources that work when starting out!

Create Your Background

In this section of my course, I dive deep on the simplicity of creating your professional layout. Many may think it is difficult, but it actually much easier than you think….and IT’S FUN!

Intro/Outro Strategy

Here is when we get our creative juices flowing! I know I said creating backgrounds were fun, butttt oh my there is nothing like creating your own intro and outro to your Podcast! You get to really showcase your talent and bring out your personality! I will walk you through the steps on how to create an effective Podcast Intro and Outro to captivate your audience’s attention!



You have other products and services other than your podcast? This will be where I teach effective ways to create your commercials while going live to keep your audience’s attention when you need to take a quick break!

Group Coaching

It is my purpose for you to succeed. There’s a reason why you chose me as your Podcast Purpose Cultivator Strategist! This holds everyone accountable and I want to make sure to provide you direct access to me, so your not deserted like every other course you’ve purchased. I’m here to walk with you! Together! We all get to win!

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